Spider with Egg Sac

Spider with egg sac on a cypress gall at St. Augustine Road Fish Mgt area Pondpeeps.com

The little spider living on the cypress gall has now woven an egg sac.

This week’s Photo Friday challenge is “Structure”. Last week I mentioned small structures on the Bald Cypress trees around the pond at the St Augustine Road Fish Management Area (a.k.a, Earl Johnson Park). They are galls, produced by the Cypress Twig Gall Midge, Taxodiomyia cupressiananassa. One had a tiny spider on it and now that spider has woven an egg sac. – a structure on a structure. I’ve been watching this particular gall with the busy orange spider – looks like it may soon be home to many spiders! Our walk around the ponds is supposed to be for exercise but ever since I started carrying my little camera, the walks are taking longer and longer. I’ve now imposed a three-shot limit per subject, so it took a few days to get a useable shot of the spider. Haven’t been able to identify her to species yet – she is so tiny!